Molly’s Gift

Molly’s Gift; the fundraising trust founded by Em Sharpe and Lea Whelband, in honour of Loughborough Foxes Vixens captain, Molly Webb, who sadly passed away on 6th January 2019, at just 25 years old.

Molly worked as a sports co-ordinator in primary schools and enjoyed coaching the Foxes junior teams in her spare time. Her passion lay in encouraging children to take part and enjoy sport. She would never allow ability or lack of opportunity to obstruct their progressions. Molly was a role model and inspiration to children she worked with and this trust allows her legacy to live on.

The trust aims to provide funding opportunities for youth development in sport, particularly for disadvantaged children; something that was incredibly close to Molly’s heart. Money raised allows local sports clubs, schools and other community projects, to apply for grants to enable youngsters from all walks of life to further pursue their sporting talent. Whether this be through one off activities, to purchase equipment or pay for facilities. Ultimately, funds will support local youth sports clubs, primary schools or community projects to simply support a young person to smile through sport.

Molly’s Gift would not have been possible without the support of Loughborough Foxes. From the committee backing us and helping from day one. All the players, coaches and parents coming together to help us achieve our mission. In its first year, the trust managed to raise approximately £6,000 from fundraising events, donations and individuals raising money on our behalf! Despite the current pandemic, we were still able to successfully grant over £4.5K to 17 applicants this year! We were thrilled to be able to grant a range of applicants from an individual young person with a sports wheelchair, to a primary school family project in a disadvantaged area and 6 month swimming lessons to a young individual with physical disabilities. As a trust we were overwhelmed with the response to our first round of grants. We can’t wait to open them up for a second round in the near future.

We hope that next year will bring bigger events, challenges to involve as many people as possible! Raising more money to help even more children and young people smile! Follow Molly’s Gift on social media to stay up to date with what they are doing.