Under 14s


Under 14s line up in the goal with coaches Russell, Bramley and Sharpe

Loughborough Foxes under 14s have grown as a team from under 11s where Emily Sharpe and Molly Webb, first took on the girls. The team are striving to become league champions, and each week look to develop as athletes and people. Since under 11s they have grown from little cubs into feisty foxes and young girls who inspire the younger teams and players to reach their potential and to continue through the pathway of female football.

The team is managed by Emily Sharpe, Nikki Russell, and Olivia Bramley who has moved overseas but is continuing to provide strength and conditioning support. The three-work exceptionally well together and each are inspirational icons for the girls. Sharpe and Russel are incredibly dedicated to getting the best out of the girls as people and players. As a whole squad, together the culture is very welcoming and collectively the team, players and coaches, are always looking to improve and grow as a group. There is never some fun and enjoyment missing in the team and it is highly recognised that the girls play at their best when they are enjoying it and have the self-belief instilled in them to know they can achieve what is asked and desired.

Coaching Staff