No Resolutions | Wellbeing Wednesday


Tony Robbins

We all go into the new year with good intentions but how often do we really stick to them? Most of us might get so far and then our resolutions sink, along with feelings of failure and inadequacy. 2020 may be a year we want to let go of and move on from.  We look at New Year’s Eve as not only a celebration of the year but a chance for a fresh start – that’s why we create resolutions. This year we have all been carrying a lot of extra weight on our shoulders, leading us to look for a new experience but a resolution doesn’t have to be more added baggage.

If there is something you really do want to change create goals with achievable steps and key milestones to work towards. The first step to setting a goal we don’t let go of is knowing and be driven by the why. Finding purpose and meaning in your goals can help you keep on track to achieving what you set out to. In order to make a change in our lives, we have to be willing to get there. The outcome does not come without a messy middle and multiple processes along the way. Without considering the messy middle no new year resolution can be achieved.

How about, for this New Year, you just allow yourself to be you?

The Latin meaning behind ‘resolution’ is ‘to loosen or release’ so rather than rushing into the new year with a new challenge to start the moment the fireworks explode, forget it all.  Simply release and let go of all the heavy weight from 2020. Be kind to yourself and celebrate where you are right now rather than looking back in regret and starting the new year with self-expectations and self-applied pressure. This is your time to enter the new year in a mode of being present, and absolutely positive about what is to come.

Our foxes will be sharing some of their own gratitudes over new years days. Despite all we have endured, we ask you to reflect on what you are grateful for. What has gone well? What have you been able to learn and what growth have you experienced?

To finish, a note from all at Loughborough Foxes WFC – times have been tough, training hasn’t always been smooth, bibs have been washed over and over, we have loved and we have lost. However, on behalf of everyone at the club thank you all for your support. Thank you to our incredible collection of players who turn up each week looking to be the best versions of themselves. Thank you to all our coaches and staff who continue to teach, drive and support our members. Thank you to our volunteers, supporters and parents who keep the Foxes spirit alive. We hope you have had a Merry Christmas and continue to have a happy new year. Here’s to being you and kicking-ass in 2021!

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