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Whilst there is no football on at the moment everyone at Loughborough Foxes is doing their best to stay active. It is recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. This could be a big long walk at the weekend or you can break it down into little chunks throughout the week.

Physical activity can have a big affect on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Those who remained physically active throughout the COVID-19 first lockdown in the UK had overall better mental health compared to those who did not [1].

Mental Health charity Mind says that physical activity can help us get better sleep due to being more tired at the end of the day, have a better mood because of the hormones released when exercising and also to help manage stress and anxiety as being active gives your brain something to focus on as well as releasing cortisol which helps control stress [2].

We asked some Foxes how keeping physically active has been helping them!

Staying active through lockdown has been so important to keep me motivated with my goals and push through all the exercise I am doing. Also completing workouts with the team is preparing us more than ever for when get back to football to be fitter and stronger – Lauren Taft

After a long day at work getting out for a walk or doing a run is so important for my mental health! It just makes me feel so much better and I then feel re energised! – Leandra Whelband

With uni work being pretty full on over Christmas, I’ve pretty much sat at my desk 7 days a week. Throughout both lockdowns, I have found the single most de-stressing activity is an evening walk around the village. I go out every night with my mum, and even when its freezing its so nice to be outside after staring at a screen revising all day – Charlotte Cooper

One way the #FoxesFamily has been keeping active recently has been taking part of the Molly’s Gift 6(Hundred) Minute Challenge. From HITT to synchronised runs to Zoomba classes it is great to see everyone getting active and having fun!


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