Lockdown Interview with Chloe Young

Our first team haven’t been in league action since the start of November. So we took some time to catch up with captain Chloe Young and see how she is doing during Lockdown 3.0

First of all, how are you doing? What is your current situation with working and COVID?

I’m doing good, I have my set routine and that keeps me sane! My current situation is a little different to my normal role, I’m in school delivering PE lessons, supporting other staff and also recording lessons for online learning – All very busy!

It’s our third lockdown now. What have you learned from the other lockdowns about keeping fit and strong that you are doing this time round?

Routine is key. Getting into the habit of completing our weekly HIIT sessions with Ella and doing our strava sessions really helps. We’re all also currently doing the 600 minutes challenge for Molly’s Gift, that’s been a real incentive… get involved if you haven’t already!

Currently not sitting too pretty at the bottom of the table. How do you think the first half of the season has gone?

Obviously, we’re not happy with our league position and we don’t feel it reflects where we are as a team. There has been a bit of disruption over the first half but we learn each week and are excited to apply everything when the season starts up again.

What do you think needs to happen to get some results on the board for Foxes?

I feel like we’re all on the same page and working towards the same goal. There’s been a lot of changes from new coaches and players to covid regulations – we’ve adapted to them. It’s now time for us to show the work that happens at training in matches, pick up points and score some goals!

What has been the best part of the season so far?

Best part of the season so far is seeing everything come together. We’ve had a lot of fantastic players join, it’s exciting to see everyone creating relationships on and off the pitch – it’s what we’re all about at Foxes. I think we would all agree, there is a lot more to come from this team though!

Which players have stood out so far this season?

I think there’s lots of positive individual performances that have stood out this season. Mia has been a great addition, brings plenty of pace and creativity. It’s also great to see youngsters like Holly and Fran coming through, they’ve stepped up and kept us all entertained.

How is lockdown affecting the team?

Lockdown has many challenges for everyone, we’re incredibly lucky to have a coaching staff that create our home fitness programme and check in on us. Were got our East v West competition, which includes daft challenges to keep morale up! A lot of us are also involved in the Molly’s Gift 600 Minutes challenge so we’re being kept busy!

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