Interview with Emily Gunn

Em Gunn has been a spark in a strong development team this season. Over November and December she was given the opportunity to play for the first team. However due to lockdown she hasn’t played for them in a competitive match yet.

We spoke to Em about how she is coping lockdown and how the Molly’s Gift challenge over the past few weeks has helped her keep active.  

How are you doing in lockdown 3.0? 

Overall I’m doing okay! I am currently completing my Masters degree at Loughborough so the deadlines are certainly keeping me busy however, I am very much missing football and seeing the girls as I found it the perfect distraction from uni stress. 

You’ve scored a lot of goals for devs this season what would you put this down to?

I think it’s a mixture of a few things really, Nicki playing with the 1’s this season has pushed me in to the number 9 position so I was getting more goal scoring opportunities. Also, the standard of football within the devs squad this year is very high, so I have a great team behind me who are all very positive when playing forward towards goal.  

How does it feel being brought up to the first team squad?

I’ve always been someone who plays football to keep fit and most importantly, enjoy the social side of it, which is why I have loved playing with the devs as I have made some great friends. However, I can’t say I am not excited to have the opportunity to play with the first team.

So far, I have really enjoyed the intensity of training and getting the chance to score a couple of goals in a friendly match we had. I was gutted that the games before Christmas got cancelled as it meant I never got the chance to play a league game so my fingers are very much crossed that we get to come back this season. 

We currently don’t know how the leagues are going to be resolved this season, how does this effect your motivation to keep fit and ready to play?

I think it’s definitely a lot harder compared to lockdown #2 where we all knew when we would be coming back and therefore knew what we had to do to keep match fit and be ready to play. However, the staff at foxes are great at keeping us engaged in fitness plans and running HIIT classes (Shout out to Ella and Suzi!). Also, if I am going to be coming back into the first team squad, I want to make sure I am fit enough to compete at that level of football, so that is some added motivation too!

As part of the development leadership group you have helped a lot of the girls get on board with the Molly’s gift challenge and keep active during lockdown. How has this helped yourself?

I’ve found it super beneficial to get myself and others involved in the Molly’s Gift challenge. Not only has it helped me to keep fit and take a break away from my desk, it’s been a great opportunity to see my teammates and have a laugh with them – which has helped me feel a sense of normality and eased my boredom during lockdown! And on top of all that, it’s for a great cause that’s very close to everyone’s heart at foxes, so I’ve found it very uplifting to see so many people getting involved with the challenge while everything else going on in the world at the moment is not so bright – so thank you to Sharpe and Lea for organising it all, you’ve smashed it guys.  

What has been your favourite activity to add to your 600 minutes?

It has to be Zumba – although I can’t say I was any good at it! 

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