Molly’s Gift 600 Minute Challenge

Loughborough Foxes is proud to partner with Molly’s Gift and support them in their latest fundraising challenge. Molly’s Gift is a fundraising trust set up in memory of the wonderful Molly Webb and aims “to help everyone smile” through the power of sport and physical activity. With the challenges we have all faced in 2020, we have unable to hold Molly’s Gift fundraising events in the way that we had hoped. Luckily, we were able to give out our first small grants awards and were delighted to support 17 inspirational applicants.

We want to kick off our 2021 fundraising campaign with a virtual challenge, aimed at helping everyone to get active in January and have some fun, as well as raising some important funds!

Take part in 600 minutes of activity between 6th Jan – 6th Feb !

A great way to stay active this January with the current tier 4 restrictions! There will be spot prizes across the month for participation and sharing your journey via social media! There will be a prize for the person who achieves the most minutes, and everyone who achieves 600 minutes will also be put into a draw for a prize at the end! Everyone who signs up will also receive a token gesture from us!

All you need to do to be apart of the challenge is donate and log your minutes!

How to get involved!

  1. Head over to the JustGiving page and donate some money!
  2. Join our closed Facebook page where you can share your achievements and motivate each other and encourage friendly competition!
  3. Record your minutes there is an activity tracker set up on Leicestershire and Rutland’s Sport website (more information below) or you can just use a trust pen and paper and write it down!
  4. Share with friends and family – a lot of us struggle to get motivated to get moving during the winter months so encourage your friends and family to join you on donating and completing the challenge!

How to set up your activity tracker

  1. Visit the challenge’s page on LRS activity tracker
  2. Create a profile – If you don’t already have a profile on the LRS website, register by clicking the “Register” button at the top right of the challenge page and complete the form with a few short details. If you’re already registered click “Already registered? Log in to join”
  3. Signing up – Please ensure you use UPPER & lower case letters, symbols and numbers in your password and try to do over 10 characters! It is a quite strict platform so try not to use a generic password, be creative (be sure to click remember me so you wont need to always log in and write down your password somewhere safe)!
  4. Join the challenge – Once you are registered/logged in, you will return to the challenge page where you can click the “Join” button at the top right of the page.
  5. You’re in – You will now be able to see your name on the leaderboard (under the description box) and also see your progress towards your individual 600 minute target.
  6. Log your minutes – To log activity, click the “Log Activity” button, also at the top right of the page. Activity will only be recorded once the challenge begins on the 6th January (it takes a little while for the leaderboard to update so don’t worry if your activity doesn’t appear straight away).
  7. Connect your Apps – Your dashboard ( displays a breakdown of all of the activity you have logged. Here, you can also connect apps such as FitBit and Strava. Just click the watch icon in the top right hand corner. This will allow any activity you record via these apps to be automatically updated on the Tracker.

Find out more information about Molly’s Gift!

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