Interview with Hayley Walden

Vixens star Hayley Walden has been a part of the Foxes Family since 2006! We spoke to her about her favourite moments at the club and how she thinks Vixens are getting on at the moment!

How are you doing in Lockdown 3.0?

I’m keeping busy during lockdown. I work in a primary school therefore I have remote learning and key worker children to support.

When did you first get involved with Foxes?

I first got involved with foxes back in 2006. When I was just 13. A young girl who just wanted to join an all female set up and play as much football as possible.

How has your experience with Foxes changed over the years, what have you gained from the club?

Foxes is a huge family club. It has enabled me to develop and mature as a footballer as well as a person. It has also given me the opportunity to develop amazing friendships throughout the years.

What has been your best moment at Foxes?

Selecting 1 favourite moment from nearly 15 years at the club is difficult. However winning the league in my first season at 13 was a great start to life as a fox.

How are you managing with such a disrupted season both socially and physically?

Maintaining motivation throughout the season has been difficult. Lea and Emily have done a great job creating challenges through Mollys Gift to motivate everyone within the club.

How have the new players made an impact on the team so far?

The new players have been great additions to our team. It’s always good for players to be challenging for their places and pushing each other to improve. They have fitted in really well even though we’ve been unable to have a proper social.

How has training twice a week helped the team?

It has been great for the squad physically, mentally and tactically. The different sessions have given us the opportunity to work on fitness as well as more technical work. The two sessions also helped the new players settle into the team quickly.

What are you most looking forward to about getting back to playing?

Like everyone, I am looking forward to just being able to see the rest of the squad and getting back to competitive team sport. Hopefully we can complete the season and get some good results.

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