Interview with Mia Walters

Walters in a preseason friendly (Sept 2020) 📸: Andy Smith

Over lockdown we took some time to talk to winger Mia Walters. Mia joined Foxes early in 2020 but only played a few matches before the season was suspended. Mia currently studies Social Psychology at Loughborough University and is in her final year. She is sponsored by Odyssey Coaching and has taken on a coaching role with Foxes Under 12’s side this season.

How are you doing in lockdown 3.0?

I thought coming into the new year lockdown wouldn’t be difficult because I had made vision boards and set new years resolutions but I have found it difficult to stay motivated this time around. Especially being in my final year at uni, I have been doing coursework/exams in lockdown for nearly a year now so that has been pretty tough.

Overall, I am okay though, just taking each day as it comes and making sure I appreciate the little things in life.

How has your first full season been at Foxes so far even though it’s been disrupted so much?

My main goal when I joined foxes was to find my love for the game again and I have definitely achieved this. Playing around not only good players, but also good people has made this a really positive experience for me which is something I really needed at this point in my career.

The diversity of experience on the team, from the younger girls who are developing technically to those with years of playing experience at the higher level has enabled me to learn a lot from my teammates in different ways.
Experience – learnt so much tactical knowledge, helped me develop for sure with positioning and how I can maximise on the pitch.
Younger girls – ensuring I am constantly working on the basics/fundamentals of the game to then build on tactically.

It’s been a shame with the COVID-19 disruptions but if anything it has made me appreciate the team and opportunity even more than I did.

You have started every game so far, how do you think you have settled into the squad?

Starting every game has been really good for my confidence, it has pushed me in training to stay consistent and ensure I make the starting 11 each week.

I have settled in pretty well, still understanding how I can adapt to the different formations we have been playing in etc but it is all part of the experience and I am keen to learn how I can develop to be my best for the sake of the team.

How have you been keeping motivated to keep fit to return to games at some point.

I have tried to stay in routine with how we would be training if the restrictions weren’t in place which has helped me to keep motivated. Engaging in Ella’s programme and working out where possible with my housemates has helped me a lot.

I am trying to do different types of training to keep it as engaging as possible as I have found the ‘home workouts’ difficult this time around.

What are your aims for the rest of the season?


I think it has been so hard for us as a team as we have been training and playing so well but struggled to see any reward for it. When the season restarts my aim is to ensure I get on the score sheet, I don’t think where we are in the table reflects our potential as a team and I am keen to do everything I can to get us some points.

Also, keep positive and spirits high within the team, I think with everything going on right now keeping positive will make the greatest difference in terms of performance.

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