International Women’s Day

Loughborough Foxes is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. As a club we work to improve the opportunities and experiences for girls and women in football.

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. We can choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequity. We can choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all #ChooseToChallenge.

Within Loughborough Foxes we currently have over 200 female players and 40 female volunteers. We actively encourage our players to take on multiple roles within football. This includes coaching younger groups, refereeing and being part of the committee, in hope that we will see a more gender balanced world on and off the pitch in the future.

This International Women’s Day – but also in your everyday life – we want you to think how you choose to challenge! Do you support your female friends and colleagues in celebrating their achievements? Could you challenge someone on their sexist behaviour? Can you be a role model for those in your team or the girls you coach?

Take a look at our Twitter page, to see some of the women that have played an important part in shaping our club:

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